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TOOTH EXTRACTIONS in Albany oregon

Although the ideal solution is to save a tooth that has suffered damage or decay, sometimes that’s impossible. However, having a tooth expertly extracted is a safe procedure that can relieve pain and protect your jaw, gums, and other teeth from further damage.

At Pinnacle Dental Associates, we perform many types of tooth extractions, including almost every kind of wisdom tooth extraction. During a consultation, we can advise you on the type of extraction you may need.


We know that extractions can seem scary. Many times, though, that fear is caused by misconceptions about what happens during a tooth extraction. Depending on the type of extraction, our dentist can talk you through what will actually happen and reduce your fears.

You might even be able to experience a very easy type of extraction. If it’s feasible, your dentist will gently loosen your tooth with a simple dental tool called an “elevator.” Your tooth can then be easily freed.


You might need a tooth extracted for one of several different reasons. For example, there might not be enough room in your mouth for your full set of teeth as they finish growing in. That can cause your teeth to crowd each other.

You also might have a tooth that has decayed too much to be saved. Of course, we can often clean and fill a tooth that has a cavity. However, sometimes the decay has already progressed too far into the tooth or even into other areas of the mouth to justify saving the tooth.

Some decayed teeth have lost too much of their structure. You can’t use them for effective biting anymore. If we extract such a tooth, we can replace it with an implant or other tooth replacement that can work much better and make your life easier.

Similarly, a tooth that has been damaged in an accident may not have enough structure or biting surface to work well anymore. You’ll have much better oral and overall health with a replacement tooth after an extraction.


If you have had a dental accident causing extensive damage to a tooth or teeth, we can schedule you for an appointment as soon as possible for an extraction.

If you’re experiencing unexplained dental pain, call us and schedule a consultation. Extraction may be your best option. Plus, if you need an extraction, we’ll help you decide on a method for replacing a tooth or teeth—which we will probably be able to do here in the comfort of our office!

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