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Have you heard the term family dentistry before and wondered what it means? It means that we’re the dentist you see most often, for your regular and important dental services. Because we know you best, we can easily see when changes in your mouth need intervention.

We’re happy to serve entire families in Albany and surrounding towns, such as Corvallis and Lebanon, OR. You can show up alone or with other family members to get a few services completed in one visit.


As your family dentist, we’ll encourage you to visit one of our caring dental hygienists every six months. Having your teeth professionally cleaned will help prevent problems that could become costly later. It can actually save you money as well as pain!

You’ll also receive these benefits:

  • Disease Prevention | We use VELscope oral screenings to detect oral cancer early, and we use the CariFree system to fight cavities before they form.
  • One-Stop Dentistry | We can provide almost any dental service in our office, including cleanings, implants, cosmetic services, and much more. That can save you time!
  • Professionals Who Know You | As your family dentist, we know and understand your family’s dental histories. We can even see hereditary patterns that run in your family in order to treat each member more effectively.
  • Care for Your Children | If you bring your precious children to us, we’ll keep careful track of their dental development, so we can catch dental issues before they develop.


We love to serve families around Albany—as well as single people! Dr. Renyer even volunteers some of his time at a children’s dental clinic.

We also enjoy sponsoring worthy causes here in our community, so we can make our community better for everyone!

Plus, we feel like a family here in the office. Several of us have worked at Pinnacle for more than 10 years, while some have worked here for more than 20! We invite every patient into the office with a sense that they are becoming part of our family.


Dr. Renyer and all of us here at Pinnacle Dental Associates strive to give our patients smiles they can be proud of. We care about your overall health and do everything we can to prevent disease and keep you happy and smiling. Call us to set up an appointment today.

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