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Dental Implants In Albany Or


When you’re missing a tooth or multiple teeth, you might feel the loss every day in your interactions at work, during meals, and while brushing your teeth. Some patients have even reported a lower quality of life because of missing teeth! We care about your happiness and your unique smile, so we offer you comprehensive dental implant services in Albany, OR, to replace your missing tooth or teeth.


Getting a dental implant goes through several phases. When you first come in, we’ll use our latest technology and training to make sure you’re a great candidate and plan your treatment.

This includes a CT scanner to plan optimal placements and a surgical guide to ensure implant posts are placed in those planned locations. Proper planning using this technology helps the entire process go smoothly.

We’ll see if your jawbone is ready and make sure your mouth is healthy. We’ll also take the necessary images to plan the implantation. A dental implant procedure is a form of oral surgery, so we’ll make absolutely sure that everything checks out.

The next step is to create a new root for each artificial tooth. This is called an “implant” because it’s a rod implanted in your jaw to provide maximum stability for your tooth restoration.

Once your new root is healed and integrated into your jawbone, you’ll come in for the last stage: restoration. We’ll place a crown on each implant, which will look like a natural tooth. We’ll do our absolute best to match it to the color and overall look of the rest of your unique smile.

You don’t have to visit any other office during this process. We’ll give you a simple schedule for your visits and will be with you through every step.


Once you have your dental implants, you’ll notice a few benefits:

  • Your implants won’t move or click because they are totally secure in your jawbone.
  • Your restored teeth will be as strong as the rest of your teeth and ready for normal chewing and cleaning.
  • You can choose to use your implanted roots for other purposes, such as securing a bridge or dentures instead of crowns.


It’s exciting to help our patients to win back confidence in their smiles through dental implants! We’d love to meet with you to discover what you need and what we can do for you. Please call us anytime to schedule an appointment.

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