Laser Dentistry

Is it ever scary for you to make a dental appointment? Some children are especially afraid of dentists, but plenty of adults are, too. We understand and sympathize with that.

We just don’t want you to miss out on important dental services you need because of fear.

That’s one of the reasons we offer laser dentistry. Soft-tissue and hard-tissue lasers can be so much less scary for many patients than traditional dental tools. We think that’s because they’re very quiet and are nearly painless.

Advantages of Dental Lasers

What are the two things that patients are afraid of when they think about dentists? First, they may have felt pain during dental procedures before. Second, they may have negative emotions about the feeling and sound of certain metal dental tools.

So, great news! Laser dentistry often causes such a small amount of pain—or none at all—that patients don’t even need anesthetic for certain procedures that traditionally require it. That can include the treatment of cavities!

Dental lasers can help children during appointments because many children have a hard time sitting still for an anesthetic injection, which can often be skipped in laser dentistry. Kids also hate noisy metal tools, but they think that lasers are really neat.

Dental lasers are very precise. Using a laser, we can get rid of parts of a tooth that have been damaged from cavities without even touching the healthy tooth enamel or the bone underneath.

Lasers are focused, so it’s easier to preserve more of your natural tooth material during procedures.

What Services Are Lasers Used For?

Laser dentistry can be used for:

  • Destroying benign (harmless) tumors.
  • Healing damaged nerves.
  • Reshaping gum tissue.
  • Removing gum tissue that is damaged by gum disease.
  • Treating cold sores and canker sores.

Reshaping gum tissue can be extremely important. The crown of the tooth is the upper portion of it—the chewing surface and the sides of the tooth. Sometimes, we need to increase the size of a crown through a procedure called crown lengthening.

When we need to restore a damaged tooth, for example, we need as much of the crown showing as possible, so we can attach an artificial crown to it. If the gums are in the way, we can move them down using a laser for crown lengthening.

Another crucial use of laser dentistry is for frenectomies. The frenulum is a small bit of tissue that attaches either the tongue to the bottom of the mouth or attaches the upper lip to the gums.

When the frenulum is too thick or tight, it can cause a child to have difficulty in many activities, such as speaking. With a laser, we can treat the frenulum in a pain-free, simple procedure. Also, using a laser often means a faster healing time.

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