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Advanced Dental Technology

We strive to have the latest dental technology to provide our patients with as many helpful services as possible in one location. Here is a list of some of the dental technology we use in our office:

3D & Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays only use 10% of the amount of radiation that older systems used. You don’t have to wear a lead apron, and we can see your images right away, which helps us plan your procedures and detect dental problems.

Air Abrasion

Rather than using a drill, we can use air to clear decay from your teeth! This is a gentler way to prepare teeth for fillings— especially for those with dental anxiety.


CariFree is a system that lowers the probability that you’ll ever suffer from tooth decay. It reduces the acid in your saliva, which starves the bacteria in your mouth and stops them from forming cavities.

Our own Dr. Kutsch helped develop this revolutionary way to treat cavities! We are so excited to have this dentist on staff— as well as this technology— to help maintain your oral health.

CariScreen Test Meter

This is a quick, simple test that we give our new patients. It discovers the pH level in your mouth. If you have an unusual amount of acid, we’ll take steps to help prevent cavities.


Rather than sending your tooth impressions to an outside lab to have a crown created, our CEREC machine mills ceramic crowns in the office, taking about 10 minutes per crown. They’re  durable, and we strive to make them the same color as your teeth.

CT Scanner

We can use this technology to get a detailed picture of every aspect of your mouth, including your gums and nerves as well as your teeth and bones. This helps us plan and monitor treatment for a wide variety of oral issues.


This is another tool we can use to detect cavities. It uses a laser diode to tell us where decay is in your teeth. We can then take steps to stop the decay and preserve the health of your mouth.

Fluoride Varnish

Your hygienist can add a fluoride varnish to your teeth after a routine cleaning. The varnish is transparent and dries quickly. It strengthens and protects teeth against decay.

Intraoral Camera

This camera allows you and your dentist to see enlarged pictures of the inside of your mouth—up to 3,000 times larger. It helps us make better decisions for your dental health.


LANAP uses a laser to help to regrow bone that has decayed. It also destroys tartar and bacteria below the gum line, which helps to reverse gum disease after one treatment.

Oral DNA

An oral DNA test can reveal genetic markers for candida, HSV, HPV-16, and other hereditary oral problems, including certain cancers. It will only require a quick saliva swab from you!

Perio Protect

Perio Protect adds oxygen to the tissues in your mouth, which fights bacteria and gives quicker healing for patients recovering from gum disease. It also can give you better breath!

The VELscope

The VELscope is a quick way to check for oral cancer with the naked eye. It allows your dentist to virtually see cancer cells forming before the disease has progressed too far.

VALO Curing Light

At the end of certain procedures in which we add filling material to a tooth, the LED light in the VALO causes the material to harden quickly while giving off less heat than traditional lights.

Digital Scanner (3shape)

This digital scanner combines state-of-the-art scanning technology with artificial intelligence to get highly accurate scan. It’s even better than taking a traditional impression of your teeth.

The Latest Technology for Your Dental Health

We decided long ago at Pinnacle Dental Associates that we’d use the best dental technologies to give our valued patients the most beneficial appointments. Call us today!

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