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Dr. Sophie Diepenheim

Dr. Sophie Diepenheim, DMD wants to live in a world where high-quality dentistry is delivered efficiently and compassionately. Dr. Diepenheim grew up in Bend, Oregon and has been a denizen of the pacific northwest since, spending time in both Tacoma and Portland for education.

As a dentist, she’s had a lengthy educational career. She earned a BS in Molecular and Cellular Biology with Honors and a BA in Music (violin) with Honors from the University of Puget Sound, and a Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) School of Dentistry. She was selected from her dental class by her professors to receive the American Academy of Operative Dentistry Award, awarded to the student who has exhibited outstanding clinical skills. During dental school, Dr. Diepenheim was involved in the Student Professionalism and Ethics Association (SPEA) putting on events for students highlighting the value and importance of ethics in dentistry, congruent with her own ideals in dental care. She also served on the Curriculum Committee alongside faculty, helping to give feedback on her education and make improvements to the curriculum for future students. As an education junky, Dr. Diepenheim continues to stay involved with the dental community through the American Dental Association, other local organizations and study clubs, and may even become an educator herself one day.

When Dr. Diepenheim is not practicing dentistry, you can find her volunteering at OHSU doing Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) with her black standard poodle, Zephyr. Together, they both enjoy bringing smiles and stress relief to the many people at OHSU including hospital staff, patients of all ages, patients’ families, and the students. Dr. Diepenheim began this passion in dental school through her love of animals and by befriending an OHSU therapy dog, Zipporah, who was featured in a KATU Everyday Hero segment that can be found here. Dr. Diepenheim is a bit of a farm girl at heart and enjoys gardening, working with her dogs, horseback riding, and hopes to keep chickens someday soon. 

Dr. Diepenheim looks forward to meeting you!

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